Orb of Creation [v0.5.4] is also available on Steam!

Come check it out here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1910680

Learn more about what's happening with the game here: https://discord.gg/JpNRYUud57

Come help me develop and refine this new version: https://www.patreon.com/marplegames


Import Save is a little slow at the moment, please give the game 15 seconds after pasting your save to let it catch up.

You awake in a dark void.
The only thing in front of you is a glowing orb...

Orb of Creation [Dev 0.5.4]

is a magic- and spell-themed incremental about creating the world around you from nothing but magic.

Orb of Creation is in version Dev 0.4.x. This is an experimental build. I'm starting to refine the game a lot more, but it is still largely exploring the space. Your saves are not safe from being wiped between major versions and there is a lot more content to come.

Get updates, join the discussion, and provide feedback on the discord: https://discord.gg/JpNRYUud57

Get early access to patches, try out the Desktop version (test build), and support OoC's development here: https://www.patreon.com/marplegames

Tips and Tricks

I want to teach everything to the player via gameplay so if you haven't played the game, do so first. While I build a more robust in-game guide/glossary, here are a couple tips:

1) Numbers Keys (1-9) cast spells, and QWER for other usable things.

2) Modifiers in OoC stack additively. +100% from two different sources results in +200%.  HOWEVER, modifiers that effect things different, stack separately. For example, +100% spell power and +100% resource spell power, will result in +300% total power for resource spells.

3) There is no timing-mechanic with the upgrades. No matter when you purchase +10% capacity, the math will always make it +10% capacity.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(158 total ratings)
Made withFL Studio, Unity, Aseprite
TagsIncremental, Magic
Average sessionA few seconds

Development log


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Really enjoyed playing this game. I plan on spending some more time with it. Well done! 

So is this and steam still being updated?

Cuz a few reviews claim you dun died

may we get a wiki?

You would never guess where will you find another clicker...

Hint: Try Pause-Resume your darn-slow research. 

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I liked the game a bit better when alchemy did not level up like spells. Also, when the artifacts could level up.

Hey, question, How do you reset keybinds?


I'm kinda sad, because there's no way to port an earlier build onto this updated version.

You technically could if you were to download the game on steam. all- or most, i believe- games have an update history, and you can download every version individually. I don't know how to do it on Itch.IO, but I'm sure it'd be possible.

It wasn’t on Steam until 0.5, so this isn’t an option.

huh. Well, then, I don't know if you'd get a quick response or not but i'm sure you could message or contact teh dev in some way to ask about it. Sorry my info isn't useful to you. Best of luck, dude!

lol I’m not the guy you replied to initially, I was just informing you

thanks to both of you anyway

oh. Mb.


will the game ever be available on android


You bet! Just a matter of time :)

Ooooh I was just hoping I could play this on my phone in browser, it actually does work but the screen is offset by a bit so I can't see the whole game screen, seems like you could actually play in browser on mobile if I was able to make the screen a little zoomed out

zoom out using browser settings 


This might be the most addictive game I've ever played. I am more easily addicted to games than most people, but in this game there is ALWAYS another upgrade or new mechanic right around the corner. You have done a great job creating a game that is compelling, stylish, and polished. It's great work. But I've just spent half a week playing this game and neglecting myself and my work. This game is dangerous, and I regret trying it.


It's less manipulative and a better game than other incremental games I've played, but it's every bit as dangerous

Deleted post

Just updated and I can no longer access the game- tried reinstalling, deleting the folder, everything- either it opens the folder or it opens a black screen with a defunct Fullscreen button. Can you try and fix this, or make a way to access 0.4.0 again so that we can still play on that version during the wait?

Why does import save not work anymore? I haven't plain in a couple weeks, but I know it worked then

I've just updated the itch.io version to the current steam version, which the saves are incompatible since the game is fairly different progression-wise.

It keeps on crashing, does anyone know what I should do

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Love the game, bought this on steam and I have a few suggestions, using links since I seem to be unable to link images directly

1. I think the bottom left icon should bring you to the loadouts tab. I almost never click it and it's one of the most accessable buttons, kind of frustrating. Conversly, loadouts is super convenient, but hard to find. I'm not a fan of using the keyboard when playing an idle game, even if it's a great, active one like orb of creation so even though if i were hardcore i could easily access it with z, that doesn't help my lazy ass out.

2. The naming is super confusing


I never know what i'm getting because all of these panels sound like they do the same thing. Casting you can delete and it would be better, It's much easier to just use the icons in the bottom Left and it would reduce the real estate of the game and let you find things easier. "Loadout" is fine, "Skillbar" might be better. You could delete the "learn" section of spellbook and just auto give players the abilities, doesn't seem to serve any purpose other than the player clicking arbitrary buttons, or maybe make it a sub page at the bottom of "manage" this would greatly simplify the excess buttons of the magic section of teh game. So "spellbook" could be renamed "Manage" using the sub button within spellbook instead as it's much more identifiable. "Wizardry" is fine and is the one panel name that doesn't often make be click the wrong panel.

3. I would love if right clicking a spell brought up a list of spells vertically that would allow you to replace a spell if it's not on cooldown.


(Imagine if that wood spell were all the other different spells you owned, glyphs could be set per spell in the loadout panel so whatever you have them set there, would affect this assignment)

4. Also if the spells were larger and had a slightly larger area in the UI it would be much easier to use them and justify getting rid of the "casting" Panel as now you would just have one nice area to cast spells with decently sized icons.


I feel as if this is the most important UI element and it's also the smallest. If they were stacked on top of each other and made larger it would be nice, you could save some room by allowing the user to collapse the orb/ make it smaller for the resources to display more.

Just some random feedback! I know some of these might be impossible to add for whatever reason, or they may be niche ideas or whatever, take 'em or leave 'em.


why do I keep losing my progress :c

every time i try to import my old savefile, my game crashes. Is there a way to get rid of this? this is my savecode btw 











Even though i lost my old save, I can still say this is one of my most favorite games, and that it's still fun to play even though i started over


Hands down the best incremental game I've ever played.

I have been playing Orb of Creation since I think Dev 0.1.x and truly love it! I would love to try out 0.5.0, and am happy to pay for a pre-order if it's in the works: is there any chance you're working on a mac-friendly version as well? Or a platform-agnostic one? Fully understand if not: it is a ton of extra work, and honestly thank you for all you've done so far!

Are the + and - button supposed to only allow you to select the minimum and maximums?

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the + and - buttons increment according to the multiplier you have selected in the bottom right - so if you have selected MAX, the + and - buttons will always jump to the max and min value respectively

thank you!



I've purchased all upgrades but both the Aquatic Blasting and Life Stone have insanely high costs (1000M etc). Is this just a natural stopping point to change over to the Steam version, or am I missing something that would give me the required storage? 

Thanks, its a great game! 


I'm pretty sure that's the "end" of the older version that is on itch.io -- consider that a "demo" to the Steam Early Access game which will also be getting all the updates. :)

Deleted 176 days ago

The saves are not compatible. v0.5.0 completely changes the progression in several areas of the game!

I think it would be good if you could turn off an atrifact by clicking on it so that the artifact could charge once it has been fully drained.

Fantastic work on this game!! Found the web version after I saw it in my Steam queue. Putting this one one the wishlist!!


Will there Be a Apk, or Android  Version?


Eventually! I estimate closer to the summer at this point though.


I... just deleted my save on accident. Could you maybe add a "Are you SURE?"-window..?


My poor Orb, pondered it for nearly 20hours total, tragically it has been deleted. Please, add a confirmation message to the "Delete Save" button. 

On the bright side it's only 20 hours, I can probably get my progress back if I have it in the background while doing other stuff for a few days.

Am I going to be able to export progress from the game here into Steam when it becomes available? I've been having a blast and plan on picking it up on Steam, but it'll be a real bummer if I have to start over.


There is already a function for importing and exporting save games. Chances are quite high that your save will be transferable.

Unfortunately no, your save will not transfer. This is not a steam thing though, v0.5.0 is very different progression-wise, as whole systems have been redone, and thus your saves will not carry over.

Ok thank you! Really looking forward to it!

Very cool.

Please  add other hotkeys for non-American keyboards. The spell loadout hotkeys don't work and it's annoying to switch they keyboard layout every time I let it idle and later go back to the game.

It would be awesome to switch loadouts with just the mouse without having to go to the Magic menu. Loadout-switcher buttons in the bottom bar would be very appreciated.

there's actually a menu in v0.5.0 that will allow you to customize key binds, i don't know where tho, I only saw it in the discord.

every time go export save it go blank after try interact with it

I noticed that too. There is still data in the box though. Copy and paste it to a .txt file and you'll see it

Love the game itself but my god what do you have against my CPU? A browser plus other stuff in the background such as discord and such only bring my cpu to around 10% but this game alone with nothing else running but the browser required to run it make it 80%-100%. I'm sorry as I love the game itself but I don't love it enough to have it be the death of my computer. The fact you want this game to be long term doesn't help either. You will need to find a way to lessen the drain and resources it pull but for now I can't in good faith recommend this game to anyone without a disclaimer of how much it ask for just to run. In comparison with the browser running in the background while writing this a Dynasty Warrior style game only took 14% of my CPU. Browser, Steam and a game call Just Die Already (a physic sandbox with a decent size city to roam around in) took 50%-60%. 

I really hope you find a way to get the game to work without disallowing me to use the rest of my computer at any given time while killing said computer because I would really love to dive deep into this game. For now though I have other fun options that aren't so demanding. If you can't find a way to lessen the CPU drain then I highly suggest make a version where you can play at a much faster rate and just get it over with. A version which each basic resource spell fill their bar to 100% always. That way players can see what the game offers without being forced to stick to it for hours at a time. I honestly do wish you the best of luck but mistakes like this really do screw people over if they aren't careful. I notice something was wrong when I was unable to watch youtube videos while playing at the same time. This game basically held my computer hostage. 


Sounds like the main issues are your lack of patience and your CPU.

I have a butt-load of tabs open in Chrome, I'm crypto-mining, and watching Netflix.

I just lost my save bcz my computer crashed. I guess i not playing it again for 40 hours straight

Autosaves tho?

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I thought too but it didn't save. 
All my saves are blank now.

Damn, I wish you luck in your future pondering then




It already did, It just needs to come on here lol


Been pondering my Orb for hours, I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to seeing it when it comes to steam


Is this game downloadable anywhere ?

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if you download the itch app you can download it from there and export your save from the browser. 

This game is amazing, however i can't transfer my save file, it always crashes the game.


Slight Tick in left headphone ear while casting Conjure Spring, part of the Music Track and a few other areas which I can not locate.

Found a bug with Energy/Brainstorm When I cast Brainstorm inflicting an Energy Drain the innate Energy Loss 4% stops applying allowing the Energy bar to fill completely. This wasn't noticeable until my Energy Transmutation generation exceeded the Brainstorm's Drain value.

I assume Loss and Drain are supposed to be cumulative.


Amazing incremental - love it!!

Assuming I didn't miss this feature, would you be able to add some way to see all the upgrades we purchase after we purchase them so we can read their descriptions? I may have bought some upgrades once or twice without absorbing what they did, and then wasn't sure how exactly they were helping me

You could just have a filter on the upgrades menu to "show purchased items", or you could have something like a "Tome of Knowledge" that shows an entry for every upgrade, glyph, or whatever that you've unlocked.

You put a lot of work into all the icons and descriptions - let us keep seeing them somehow!

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